Turn off water when it is halfway up the tile. We will start the equipment as soon as possible.  Brush the pool 2-3 times a day to properly expose the plaster. * Please refer to the color release waiver if you have any questions about the true color of all interior finishes. Our start up technician will start the pool equipment, program the controller and add the chemicals for the initial start up.  Our technician will show you how your pool works through a brief demonstration walk through. IF THE HOMEOWNER IS ACTING AS THEIR OWN POOL PROFESSIONAL,THEY WILL ASSUME ALL MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITIES AND IT WILL BE ASSUMED BY STINGRAY CUSTOM POOLS THAT THEY ARE FULLY KNOWLEDGEABLE OF ALL THE INSTALLED EQUIPMENT. 


Pentair Rebel pool cleaner. Suction cleaner that works!



Filters should be cleaned every 6 months. Please refer to the Pentair online manual if needed


Pool pump baskets and lid seals should be inspected weekly. Debris should be removed from the pump basket and the lid seal inspected and properly installed for a nice tight waterproof seal. 

A professional pool service professional is suggested to maintain such a large investment. If the homeowner chooses to act as the swimming pool professional the following video will help and serve as a tutorial.


Equipment programming will be programmed by a swimming pool technician. The swimming pool professional that is maintaining the pool will be responsible for programming the equipment. If the homeowner is acting as their own pool professional a service charge will apply to all visits that are NOT WARRANTY RELATED. $50-$75 PER CALL. 

Stingray Custom Pools suggests that ALL POOL MAINTENANCE be completed by a licensed pool professional. If this service is assumed by the homeowner, it will be assumed that the homeowner will act as the pool professional for ALL SERVICES and service call fees will apply to all service calls NOT WARRANTY RELATED. 


Skimmer basket should be cleaned out weekly and be empty of debris



The auto fill should be inspected to make sure it is properly keeping the pool water at the desired level. It might get debris in the line from time to time and if this occurs do the following: shut off the green water valve, remove the float from the auto fill, clean the float line and then put back together. 

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